About Trash Talk

Welcome to Trash Talk, our educational blog and video outlet where we welcome you into the world of your garbage men. We’re going to use our real life experience to help you better understand your waste disposal. Our goal here is mainly to benefit our customers, our drivers, and ultimately our business by discussing how we can work together to make all our lives easier. It may even benefit other waste haulers, and their customers as well. Our goal is to tell you things about trash disposal that no one else had the kahunas to. What are we teaching you ask? We’re going to teach you all about trash of course.

Why Is This Necessary?

Sometimes dealing with people’s trash isn’t as glamorous as I bet you think it is. It’s a pretty awesome job…until you get customers that just don’t get it. The ones that think we have all the time in the world to get just their garbage. The ones who are too lazy or ignorant to do a few simple things that would not only benefit them, but the men who toil over their trash for a few minutes longer than they do anywhere else because of the customer’s laziness and ignorance. The ones who think that trash disposal should be free (and if you think it should be you need a lesson in economics).

The above mentioned and a few others are the ones who ruin it for everyone. They are part of the reason trash disposal prices rise. Not to mention they are the ones who P.O. your trash man and make him in a bad mood. And no one wants a trash man in a bad mood. So, our goal is to educate (in a fun, slightly brash, blunt, and probably offensive manner) in order to do away with many of the avoidable issues that surround the waste industry.

Don’t Get Me Wrong!

Seriously, don’t get me wrong. At Heim’s Disposal we strive to give our customers amazing waste disposal service. Its our goal to provide clean, timely, and affordable service. We don’t mind doing a few favors now and again for people. However, over time it gets difficult to continue to provide clean, timely, and affordable service when there are a bunch of inconsistencies on the route. When this happens everyone suffers the consequences because of a few bad apples.

This is not to say that we are blaming the customers for all the issues in the waste industry. Trust me, there are plenty of waste haulers who don’t exactly do things to a standard that we do here at Heim’s. That unravels into its whole own set of issues. For that reason we are going to mainly focus on issues that tend to happen on our routes. Issues, that if fixed, could really benefit everyone. Clean, timely, and affordable service is the name of our game and all we want to do is find the best possible ways to provide that.

The End Result? Trash Talk

Throughout this series of posts and videos (which will be mainly me ranting, but it should be fun) we’ll help guide you through the world of proper waste disposal. If you take offense easily, have no sense of humor, or can’t laugh at yourself then Trash Talk may not be the fun read of choice for you. We may get slightly vulgar, but its all in good fun. Our goal here, again, is to take everything every garbage man has ever wanted to say and say it. Why? Because were jerks? No, because someone has to, that’s why. The world of waste hauling has become so cluttered with all kinds of requests and nonsensical BS that its time to de-clutter a bit.

Through out this series of videos and posts you’ll get to hear about everything from proper trash placement on pick up day to what type of trash can to purchase if you’re going to purchase one. It’s really going to be quite fun in all honesty. So stay tuned for Trash talk and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!


Britton Heim

Operations Manager (and everything else guy)

Heim’s Disposal Service Inc.