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Residential Waste Removal

Being clean, timely, and affordable is much easier when you focus on simplicity. We offer three simple, residential service options to make sure your garbage is as good as gone, as efficiently as possible, at a price you can afford.

Pre-Paid Bag Service

Pre-Paid Bag service is ideal for those who only have one bag of garbage per week, or less. If your garbage bag isn’t full, and you decide not to put it out, then you’re not paying for garbage you didn’t throw away. Basically, our pre-paid bags allow you to pay by the bag in advance, then use the bags as you need them. With one small, annual service fee, and our 33 gallon pre-paid bags purchased as you need them, it’s simple, convenient, and affordable.

Quarterly Flat Rate Service

Quarterly Flat Rate Service is was made for simplicity and flexibility. It’s ideal for those who typically have two to three kitchen sized bags per week. There’s one flat rate billed quarterly that covers weekly pick-up of your typical household trash. You can use the trashbags and trashcans that fit your life style without worrying about the number of bags, or cans you put out. As long as its typical household waste, it’s good to go. Learn more about typical household waste below.

Tipper Cart Service

Tipper carts are a great option for those who like to have a worry-free container to use for their trash. Our carts are 96 gallons, which is nearly half of a cubic yard of space, making them perfect for your family’s home. Their large wheels make them easy to maneuver, the flip lid keeps trash in and critters out, and the heavy duty build makes the durable and keeps them in place on a windy day. That’s right, no more chasing empty trashcans and trashcan lids. Not to mention, if they wear out or break, we replace them free of charge.





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Typical Household Waste Vs. Non-Typical Waste

Our Residential waste removal is priced for typical household trash. Basically, think of it as the stuff you throw away on a day to day basis in your kitchen and bathroom. Some things we would consider non-typical household waste are heavy materials like kitty litter, yard waste, and ashes. Check out this post for more info: What is Non-Typical Household Trash?

Bulk Items

We are happy to dispose of bulk items for any of our residential customers! Bulk items can typically be disposed of with your weekly residential pick-up for an additional fee. Pricing depends on the item’s weight and size.


NOTICE!  We cannot take electronics. Please review this post!


For those of you in Dauphin County: Quarterly Fee and Tipper Cart services are the only rate plan we offer in Dauphin County; We can no longer offer pre-paid bag service.


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