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This contact us page is the sacred ground for the future of your waste disposal. Not only does it contain our phone number and address but our convenient price quote contact form as well. To get a basic price quote on one of our services please fill out the form below or give us a call.

Looking for a list of Holiday Closures? Check it out below, or print it HERE.

Full Address Box

Please take notice to the “Full Address” box in the contact form. Knowing your full address helps us give you an accurate price quote. Some prices may change depending on your area, so it is very important that your full street name and number, city, state (no we don’t operate out of state, but it helps with our mapping program), and zip code are included.

Phone: 570-425-2081 , 717-362-7937

Location: 3760 State Route 225, Dornsife, PA 17823

NOTICE!! Searching our address or name on any mapping service other than Google Maps will not take you to our office!! Please use Location link above to get directions from your location!

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2018 Holiday List

2018 Holiday List

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