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When Should I Put My Trash Out?

When should you put your trash out?

The night before your pick-up day!

This is a really great question, and most of the time when we’re signing up new customers we’re sure to let them know right up front when they’re to have their trash out. However, over time we tend to see some customers get used to their garbageman coming at a certain time during the day. They start putting their trash out a hour, a half hour, sometimes even mere minutes before the garbageman shows up to take it away!

This is all fine and dandy until one day….it’s not….and the trash sits there…waiting patiently to be picked up…but it seems like the garbageman never comes…or did he? Turns out he did, but he was an hour earlier than usual due to a change in his route, and now that customer’s trash wasn’t out in time to be picked up.

This doesn’t happen often, however it happening even once is more frequent than we’d like it to. So, here is a little information on the best time to put your trash out, and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to putting trash out for pick-up.

Q: When should I put my trash out?

A: The night before your pick-up day

Q: Why is it important for me to put my trash out the night before?

A: The service we provide is all built around routes. Sometimes we need to change our routes to maintain efficiency and safety as we’re picking up garbage. If we change our routes, and it changes the time the garbageman shows up at your house, then there is a chance your trash won’t be out in time if it’s not out the night before.

Q: What would cause you to change routes?


  • The most common reason we would change a route would be weather, or construction related. Often, these are one time changes that happen just for that specific day, or the duration of a road work project. For example, if a snow storm is going to hit around 10:00am, we may start an hour early, and add an extra truck to the route to make sure we’re safely off the road before the storm hits.
  • Efficiency is another reason routes may change. Over time, as our customer base changes, so will our routes. As we add new customers, and remove inactive customers, we may need to send our trucks along different routes in order to service everyone in a timely fashion. These route changes range from minor additions to a route, to full day re-routing where a driver will do his stops in a completely different order.

Q: When I put my trash out the night before the animals get into it. What should I do?

A: Your first line of defense against the evil night time garbage predators is a trash can with a lid that can be securely fastened (but preferably not permanently fixed to the can). If a trash can is not an option, or doesn’t work then we recommend using any sort of animal repellent spray. We’ve seen positive results with Bonide Repels All, which you can find at many hardware and lawn & garden stores.

Q: The hours I work put me at work in the late afternoon or through the night. When should I put my trash out?

A: For those who work 2nd and 3rd shift, or a schedule that puts you at work when it would be the ideal time to put your trash out, we recommend putting your trash out just before, or as you leave for work. Very few people want to come home from work at 11:00pm and walk back outside to put their trash out, so on your way out the door seems to work a little nicer for the night owl workers.

Q: How was I supposed to know he would come early?

A: We ask that trash is out the night before so that no one has to know that the garbageman is going to come early because it won’t matter, the trash will be there. If we had to call every person on the route to let him know it was changing we’d be on the phone all week. However, we do our best to make this information available if we know in advance. You’ll be able to find info through our e-newsletter which you can sign up to below, our Facebook page, or Twitter.

Q: What should I do if I forgot to put my trash out, or it wasn't out in time?

A: The best thing to do is call us and let us know. We’ll most likely have you put it out the following week. As long as it’s typical household trash and it isn’t overweight, we do not charge extra if trash isn’t out one week and a customer has double the next. However, we’re only human and when you’re picking up a few hundred stops in a day its hard to remember who had trash last week and who didn’t, so a phone call is a good idea.

Q: Why won't you come back and get my trash if it wasn't out on time?

A: The rates we offer are for service one time weekly; that means showing up once per week on a specified day to remove your typical household trash from your location. We don’t like to let trash sit, however we are a business and we need to make money in order to continue to do business, as well as put food on the table for our families. Routing a truck to retrieve one stop that wasn’t out during our first servicing of that location costs us additional time, fuel, and risk that isn’t covered in the rate. We do our best to accommodate those who forget now and then, however picking up trash that was not out in time on the specified pick-up day is not part of our service offering and is not guaranteed.

That’s about all there is to that! We like to keep things simple; put your trash out the night before and you won’t have to worry about it not being out in time. We hope this article answers any questions you might have about putting your trash out the night before and why it’s important. Thank you all for being customers and we want you to know that we appreciate every one of you. We post these articles to help make sure we can provide you with the cleanest, most timely, and affordable service possible. Thank you for your cooperation!

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