Winter Weather Guidelines & Procedures

Fall has arrived and Winter is soon to follow

We’re nearing the end of the year, which means Winter weather is on its way. Every year Winter weather makes everyone’s lives more difficult. This is especially true in our line of work where we spend majority of our time navigating slippery roads. We’ve included some guidelines to help assure we’re able to pick up your garbage while also keeping your garbageman safe this Winter season. We appreciate your help to make the coming Winter season a breeze.

Delays, Cancellations, and Early Starts

Winter weather may cause route delays, cancellations, and even early starts. You can find route updates published on our website, Facebook, and Twitter. If you know snow is on the way, it’s worth checking out one of these platforms to stay informed.

We do what we can to avoid working while it’s actively snowing. When we know snow is on the way, we adjust accordingly. If snow is to come in the afternoon, we may start early (so it’s important to have your trash out the night before your pick-up day). If a storm comes in through the night we may work on a delay to give road crews and our customers a chance to plow, cinder, and clear their trash and dumpsters from the snow. In the case that a storm is bad enough we may have to cancel a days route all together. In this case we would likely run a double day, much like a holiday situation, on the following day if possible and do what we can to get all the trash cleaned up throughout the week if need be.

Driveways & Roadways

Roadways and driveways must be cleared to the road surface or plowed and heavily cindered for us to travel them.

Contrary to popular belief, our trucks being big and heavy does not help us navigate snow covered roads. Instead, they quickly pack snow into ice as they drive over it and end up sliding at the mercy of the snow like the truck above. Keep in mind that just because cars and pick-ups can travel a road or driveway does not mean our trucks will be able to. Smaller vehicles handle slippery conditions significantly better than large vehicles. These trucks have a lot of momentum. They weigh dozens of tons when they’re loaded. Without good traction stopping and steering the truck becomes a feat.

We know many local townships can be slow to plow and stingy with the cinders when they do. Please contact them and encourage them to put your tax dollars to work in a productive way…by cindering the road. A plowed road or driveway without cinders is nothing but an ice luge.

If your driveway or the road you live on is not plowed to the road surface, or at least plowed and heavily cindered, we will not drive on it and trash will be skipped until the next pick-up day when road conditions improve. There is no trash worth the life of one of our drivers.

Residential Trash

Residential trash should be placed within reach of the roadway and cleared from snowbanks.

Trash buried in the snow or a few feet off the road behind a snow bank is not only difficult to get, but it’s dangerous. Trying to carry trash bags, or drag a cart or can while slipping around on snow covered grass or an icy driveway often leads to a garbageman on a pile on the ground. 

Trash should be cleared from the snow and placed within arms reach of a cleared road surface. We know it’s not always possible to have trash cleared as it may snow after you’ve left home for the day, or a snowplow goes by and pushes snow in front of it after you’ve already cleared it. However, if the trash is within arms reach of the roadway its more likely we can safely and easily grab the trash or cart from the snow.

Commercial Dumpsters

Commercial dumpsters should be made accessible and cleared from snow that we can back up to them and walk around them. Unlike the one pictured. 

As mentioned earlier, our trucks do not operate well on slippery, snow and ice covered surfaces. If we can’t back up to the container then we will be unable to dump it.

If we can get to the container, but the container is buried, or has snow pushed up around it that we can’t walk around it or get to the hook to latch on to it we will be unable to dump it. 

Please keep containers accessible to both the truck and the driver. 

Snow and ice covered roads and buried garbage make our jobs difficult and sometimes impossible. We certainly do not like letting garbage sit and we do our best to get to everyone when Winter weather strikes. With your help we can assure that all trash can be picked up in a timely, safe, and efficient fashion. We do encourage all of our customers to contact their local township or borough to encourage them to plow in a timely manner and spread cinders heavily. This not only makes our jobs safer, but it also makes travel safer for you and your neighbors. 

Stay warm this Winter! We look forward to serving you!