Cleaning out your home, garage, or shed? Maybe putting a small section of new shingles on? Or, perhaps you’re remodeling a bathroom or some other small room in your home? No worries, we’ve got it in the bag (we’re so punny). Our Clean Up bags hold up to 3 cubic yards and 2000 pounds (1 ton) of waste. They’re perfect for smaller jobs that don’t warrant the use of a large 15 cubic yard container, but are too large to put out with your weekly pick-up. Give us a call today for pricing!


Placement and Filling Instructions:

Cleaning out that messy garage?


  1. Cut binding around the Clean Up Bag and unfold the Clean Up bag
  2. Stand in the Clean Up Bag and fold the sides out and halfway down. This will create rigid sides to keep it upright.
  3. Place the bag within 10 feet of a solid, drivable surface that is at least 13 feed wide like a roadway or driveway.
  4. Pull the bag tarp out from the inside of the bag and roll it up to the fastened end.

    Need to get that old bathroom remodeled?
  5. Fill the bag with your items. Be sure to place heavier items in first.
  6. As you fill the bag, bring the sides up to full height by unfolding them.
  7. Pull the bag tarp over the filled bag and fasten it by using the tie downs at the end of the bag. The tarp must be tied down over the load.
  8. Tuck the edges of the tarp in along the sides of the bag and place the
    Roofing a shed? Each bag can fit up to 4 square of shingles!

    lifting straps on top of the bag to help ensure that your items are secure.

  9. Call 570-425-2081 to schedule your bag to be removed. Heim’s Disposal Service Inc. will remove your bag within one week.



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