When Should I Put My Trash Out?

When should you put your trash out? The night before your pick-up day! This is a really great question, and most of the time when we’re signing up new customers we’re sure to let them know right up front when they’re to have their trash out. However, over time we tend to see some customers […]

What is Non-Typical Household Trash?

All of our rates are based on the disposal of typical household trash. We often get the question, “Well, what is typical household trash?” The best way to think about typical household trash is to look at the stuff you throw away on a daily basis in your kitchen. That’s a pretty wide range of […]

The “Do Not Throw Away” List

What to do with Electronics (and other non-disposable stuff) The big question we get at least once per week is what should we do with electronics (mainly TVs) and a select few other things. Great question…and honestly we’re about out of answers. More and more electronic drop off locations are shutting down their programs here […]