Handling Past Due Accounts Process Update

As mentioned in our beginning of the year update, there is going to be a change to how we handle past due accounts. This process is designed to be as fair as possible, while still preserving our value of being family oriented. We understand money issues happen sometimes, and the last thing we want to do is be a financial burden. For that reason, we do our best to work with our customers to make sure their accounts stay current from quarter to quarter. However, we do need to have a structured system for handling these situations and we want to be transparent. There really is no great way to talk about unfortunate topics, so we’re just going to lay this new process out there.

Starting this quarter (Q1 of 2018) we will have two past due account processing weeks.

1. One Week After the Due Date (22nd or next business day)

With both our quarterly and annual billings we work on a 45 days to pay basis. The due date is always the 15th of the 2nd month of the quarter (annual billings are due on the 15th of February). One week after the due date (22nd of the second month) we will begin processing past due accounts. All accounts with an outstanding balance, who have not made different payment arrangements prior, will be placed on delinquent hold.

Those who make different payment arrangements prior to the due date will be kept as an active account as long as the arrangement made is honored. All payment arrangements will be set up to make sure the account is current going into the next quarter.

2. The 14th of the First Month of a Quarter

On the 14th of the first month of a quarter, we will begin processing accounts with balances from the prior quarter. All accounts with a balance from the prior quarter will be placed on hold until they are brought to the current quarter.



So, there is the break down. Nothing fancy, nothing to complex. We process past due accounts twice a quarter, unless payment arrangements aren’t kept. That’s basically that! Questions? Feel free to call us at 570-425-2081!


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