Fuel Surcharge Applied Effect April 1st

Effective April 1st a Fuel Surcharge will be added to all invoice totals

As the cost of nearly everything rises we’ve done what we can to either reduce or absorb majority of these cost increases. We’re proud to have managed to pass very little of it onto our customer base. Rising fuel costs have been no exception, but now they have risen well beyond a manageable amount. 

For the first time since our founding in 1985 we are in a position where we must charge a fuel surcharge. Fuel is one of our major expenses. With the drastic and rise in fuel prices since the beginning of 2022 we must make adjustments in order to continue operating. Rather than make direct adjustments to our service rates we will be applying a fuel surcharge to invoice totals. This surcharge will start at 4.5% and will be adjusted as needed. The current fuel surcharge rate can be seen below. As soon as fuel prices return to a more manageable level this surcharge will be removed promptly. 

This was a frustrating decision, but one we had to make if we are to continue operating. We appreciate your understanding and support of our business. 

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Current Fuel Surcharge Rate