Anatomy of a Tipper Cart

96 Gallon Tipper Cart has changed the game of garbage disposal. It’s handy for around the house, keeps trash tidy at the office, and looks great sitting at the roadside on pick-up day. Check out the Tipper Cart’s unique features below to see the difference it can make in your garbage day!

Wide Grip Handle

Get a grip on your waste and stop worrying about flimsy trashcan handles. The Wide Grip Handle will have you pushing, pulling, and dragging your waste to the curb with confidence.

Heavy Duty Flip Lid

The wind, rain, and critters are no match for this heavy duty lid. Keep your trash safe, dry, and contained with a lid that’s easy to open, easy to close, and won’t blow into your neighbor’s yard.

The Garbageman Back Saver

These may not be your favorite feature, but it’s definitely ours! The hook and bar on the front of the cart make it possible for the tipper mechanism on our trucks to latch onto the cart and dump it. That means we don’t have to dump the trash by hand, which saves our backs. It’s like magic, but for garbage.


Durable Plastic Body

We could go on for days about how we hate cracked and holey trashcans…but instead we decided to offer Tipper Carts with a durable body so we wouldn’t have to worry about it. No more holes. No more cracks. Just a Tipper Cart in the finest shade of brown you’ve ever seen. 

Sturdy Wide Base

The Tipper Cart’s wide base and unique shape help give it stability to keep it right where it belongs once emptied. That means no falling over from the breeze of a passing car, and even better, no fetching it from the near by field on a windy day!

Easy roll Wheels

Whether you’re rolling your Tipper Cart out to the curb for pick-up or around the yard picking up odds and ends, these easy roll wheels can handle the terrain. They’re built tough, roll easy, and won’t fall off and leave you hanging when you need them the most.

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