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Residential Pick-Up

We offer Pre-Paid and Quarterly Fee residential pick-up with or without Tipper Carts. Our rates run on a flat rate system designed to accommodate all normal “household” garbage. We no longer charge by the bag; the landfill doesn’t charge us by the bag, so wouldn’t it be unfair to charge you by the bag? Our new rate plan is a flat rate system based on the weight of the trash, so long as your trash isn’t over weight and doesn’t include bulk items you won’t see any additional charges. It’s perfect for households who have many bags full of light trash or with one bag full of heavier trash and everything in between.

Our Tipper Cart service is a new standard feature we have added to residential pick up. It’s the perfect addition to your waste removal services as it helps us be more efficient and tidy at your location.  This service gives you a durable, easy to move trash can without having to worry about the purchase and maintenance of a store bought can.

Our rate plans are simple and easy to understand, giving you the flexibility and convenience you deserve. We strive to give our customers the best quality waste removal we can offer; our residential rates provide waste removal the way it should be. Call in or fill out the form on our Contact Us page for pricing in your location!


Pre-Paid Bag Service

Our pre-paid bag service may be one of our most simple and easy to use services yet. This service allows you to pay as you go by purchasing our pre-paid bags along with one annual service fee. You can purchase our HDS Blue Bags in packs of 5 at our office or at Angie’s Market in Trevorton. Or call in and arrange for us to drop a pack off at your location on your next pick up day. Stop worrying about paying monthly or quarterly garbage bills and go pre-paid.

Quarterly Fee Service

Our quarterly fee service allows you to pay by the quarter for your service instead of up front. It also gives you the flexibility to purchase what ever kinds of bags you prefer and put out as many of those bags as you need to per week. As long as you don’t exceed the weight limit or have out any bulk items you won’t see any additional charges.

Tipper Cart Service

Our tipper carts are a standard add on to our residential service. Tipper carts are 96 gallons and made of a heavy duty, durable plastic which reduces breaks and wearing. The large wheels make it easy to move, the heavy duty hinged lid means no more chasing lids in the wind, and you never have to worry about going out and buying your own can, making them very convenient. If the cart were to break or wear out we will come repair or replace it with no extra charge! Tipper Carts make waste removal easier for everyone involved (your garbage man included). For more information and pictures of tipper carts click here.


Miscellaneous Bulk Items and Over Weight Charges

Residential Service rates are for everyday Household waste only. If you have any miscellaneous bulk items to dispose of such as appliances, couches, beds, or other large objects, please call in for a price.

Weight limit is based off of the average weight per customer and over weight garbage will be charged accordingly. Common substances that make waste excessively heavy are: cat liter, burn ash, and yard waste. Be aware that putting heavy substances or items in your garbage, such as these, may put your garbage over weight. Call for more details on over weight charges.


NOTICE!  We cannot take electronics. Please review this post!


For those of you in Dauphin County: Quarterly Fee and Tipper Cart services are the only rate plan we offer in Dauphin County; We can no longer offer pre-paid bag service.


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