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Hey Everyone,

This is just a quick notice we would like to extend to our customers. Recently we have noticed many over full Roll-Off containers which is hazardous and can also subject us to fines from the Department of Transportation. Please be aware that the top rail of the Roll-Off container needs to be the top of the load. Any items exceeding the top rail will have to be removed from the container cialis 20mg andorre.

We understand that this can be inconvenient at times, however, we do not want to create a hazardous situation for our drivers, someone near the truck, or for the environment; nor do we want to incur fines or a DOT stop that could inhibit us from doing business. Please help us keep the environment and everyone around the truck safe by not overfilling your Roll-Off container.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Heim’s Disposal Service Inc.

We're Hiring!

We are looking to hire a new Rearload Driver/Operator! If you or someone you know like to work outdoors and enjoy driving and operating trucks, then this may be a position for you. Apply online today!