2020 Pick-Up Day Updates

New Pick-Up Days Starting March 8th, 2020

To accommodate our growing customer base we will be updating our routes and changing pick-up days in some areas effective March 8th. Check out the new pick-up day list below. They are broken down by day and give the general area we’ll be servicing. We’ve listed a few roadways in each area for reference. Some areas may change pick-up days over time to adjust for time and trash volume. 

Monday Routes

Northumberland County

  • SR225 from Line Mountain High School to Trevorton
  • Trevorton/Zerbe Twp.
  • Trevorton Rd.
  • Coal Twp. along Trevorton Rd.
  • “Herndon Hill”
    • Amish School Rd., Herndon Rd., Pottsville St outside of Herndon Borough, Jackson Twp Rd., Mandata Rd., Tupehocken Path.
  • Herndon Bypass Rd.
    • (Otto Station, Grively Hill, Creek Hill Rd., Reader Ln.)
  • SR147 from the end of Herndon Bypass to Sunbury
Mack LR Rearloader

Dauphin County

  • Pillow
  • Berrysburg Borough
  • North and South Crossroads to Matter Rd.
  • West of North and South Crossroads
  • North of SR209 (Elizabethville, Millersburg, & Berrysburg Areas)
    • SR25 from Crossroads West to Neagley Rd.
    • Shippen Dam Rd. to Tarry Hall Rd.
    • Mountain Rd.
    • Matterstown Rd.
    • North Church, Wilhour, and Roller Rds.
    • Tarry Hall Rd.
  • SR225 from Elizabethville to Pillow

Tuesday Routes

Northumberland County

  • Dornsife
    • State Rd.
    • Dornsife Mtn. Rd to base of the mountain
    • Creek Rd by Dornsife Post Office
    • Schwaben Creek Rd.
    • Line Mountain Rd.
    • Slutter Valley Rd.
    • MiddleCreek Rd.
  • Red Cross
  • West Cameron
    • Lower Rd.
    • Upper Rd.
  • Rebuck
  • Leck Kill/Klingerstown Addresses north of Ridge Rd.
    • Old State Rd
    • Salem Rd.
  • Pitman
    • Main St.
    • Creek Rd. to 125
    • Taylorsville Mtn. Rd.
    • Ridge Rd. from Pitman to Jack’s Spot

Dauphin County

  • Lykens Twp. (The area around Gratz)
    • Luxemburg Rd.
    • Erdman & Erman Rd.
    • Middle/W Middle Rd
    • Valley Drive Rd.
  • Spring Glen to Quaker Dr.
  • Gratz Borough
  • Specktown Rd.
  • SR25 E of Crossroads
  • South Crossroads south of Matter Rd.
  • Loyalton
  • 209 to Millersburg
  • 2x Weekly customers in Millersburg & Halifax (1st dump)
  • Duncan Island

Wednesday Routes

Northumberland County

  • Sunbury Area East of SR890
    • Irish Valley
    • Cherry St.
    • Captain Bloom Rd.
    • Heim Rd.
  • Seven Points
  • SR61
  • Snydertow/ Snydertown Rd.
  • Northumberland/Northumberland Area

Dauphin County

  • Halifax Area
    • Armstrong Valley
    • Powells Valley
    • Matamoras Rd.
  • Matamoras
  • Fisherville
  • South River Rd.
  • Peters Mountain Rd. South of Halifax Sheetz
  • Dauphin Borough/Dauphin Area
    • Mountain Rd.
    • Stoney Creek Rd.

Thursday Routes

Northumberland County

  • Herndon
  • Herndon Area from Klingerstown to SR225
    • Hooflander Rd.
    • Klingerstown Rd.
    • Urban
    • Raupstal Rd.
    • Hebe Bypass Rd.
  • Hebe
  • Klingerstown
    • Ridge Rd. to SR125
    • Vista Rd.
  • Mandata
  • Dalmatia
  • Dalmatia Area
    • Middle Rd.
    • Mountain Rd.
    • Hickory Rd.
    • Hickory Corners
    • Mahantango Creek Rd.
  • SR225 from Line Mountain High School to Mahantango Creek Rd.
  • SR147 from Bidgeport to Mandata

Dauphin County


Friday Routes

Northumberland County

  • West of SR890
    • Boyles Run Rd.
    • Hallowing Run Rd.
    • Brush Valley Rd.
    • Foye Rd.
  • SR890
  • Augustaville
  • Sunbury

Dauphin County

  • SR147 South of Bridgeport to Halifax
  • Millersburg Borough
  • Halifax Borough
  • Peters Mtn Rd. from Halifax Borough to Halifax Sheetz
  • 2x Weekly Customers in Millersburg & Halifax (2nd dump)

New Pick-Up Day FAQ

  • Q: When should I put my trash out?
  • A: The night before your new pick-up day.
  • Q: What if I didn’t get a notice?
  • A: If you did not get a notice in the mail in the form of a pink postcard, or a white 1/3 cut sheet then your pick-up day is going to stay the same.
  • Q: I have a problem with critters getting into my trash when I put it out the night before, what should I do?
  • A: Use a trashcan, or one of our 96 Gallon Tipper Carts to “house” your trash over night.

Have another question? Go to our Contact Us page and use our contact form!

We understand that this transition will take some adjusting for everyone. It’s going to take some time for us to get used to our new routes, as well. We’ve done our best to make sure things go smoothly. Please have your trash out the night before your new pick-up day. Pick-up times are going to fluctuate from week to week so it’s important your trash is ready for us no matter what time we arrive on your pick-up day.


We’re excited for this change and we’re pumped that we can continue to provide clean, timely and affordable waste removal services to the area!

Thank you for your business! We appreciate everyone of you!


The Heim’s Disposal Service Team