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Trash Talk Lesson 4: What is Non-Typical Household Trash?

What is Non-Typical Household Trash?

All of our rates are based on the disposal of typical household trash. We often get the question, “Well, what is typical household trash?” The best way to think about typical household trash is to look at the stuff you throw away on a daily basis in your kitchen. That’s a pretty wide range of stuff. We’ve found it much easier to explain what non-typical household trash is. There are four basic kinds of non-typical trash. Things that don’t fall under the “non-typical” categories are pretty much good to go. Non-typical trash is usually one of the following:

  1. Bulk Items
  2. Clean-Out Trash
  3. Non-Typical Materials
  4. Overweight Items

If you do have some non-typical trash, we will still take it! However, it’s not covered in your rate meaning there may be additional charges involved. If you have an item that you’re not sure about, just give us a call and we tell you what your item will be considered. Check out the info-graphic below for a better understanding of each!

Non-Typical Household Trash

Click the image to save and print this info-graphic for some garbageman fridge art!



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